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The Educational Rights Collective of Canada (ERCC) is a non-profit Canadian copyright collective society that administers the Educational Rights Tariff.


Parts of the Copyright Act allow educational institutions to make a single copy of works at the time of their broadcast and use those copies in the classroom without the permission of the copyright owners. To be eligible for these benefits, educational institutions must comply with the Educational Rights Tariff certified by the Copyright Board of Canada, including reporting and paying royalties to ERCC. ERCC collects reports and payments from Canadian educational institutions and distributes these royalties to copyright owners.


Established in 1998, with six founding members, ERCC now has hundreds of affiliated rights holders. They include Canadian and non-Canadian producers, distributors, private and public broadcasters and music rights societies. A listing of the ERCC Officers and Directors is also provided.


The Copyright Board of Canada has designated ERCC as the collective society representing all works that come under the Educational Rights Tariff.


All copyright owners whose works are broadcast and received in Canada are welcome to join ERCC at any time.


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Collective society

A collective society is an organization that administers the rights of a number of copyright owners. Some collective societies license works to users. Others, like ERCC, administer a "compulsory licence" set out in the Copyright Act. Users who are eligible for the benefits of a compulsory licence do not need permission for the uses covered by the licence, but are required to pay royalties and submit reports in accordance with tariffs certified by the Copyright Board of Canada.

Educational Rights tariff
The links below will take you to our Proposed and Certified Educational Tariff:
Copyright Board of Canada: Tariffs - Educational Rights
Educational Rights, 2012-2016:
- certified tariff
- final decision
Founding Members of ERCC
The six founding members of ERCC are listed below:
Association des producteurs de films et de télévision du Québec (APFTQ) - L'APFTQ
Canadian Broadcasters Rights Agency Inc. (CBRA) / Agence des droits des radiodiffuseurs canadiens inc. CBRA
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation/Société Radio-Canada (CBC) - CBC.ca- Canada's Online Information Source
Canadian Film and Television Production Association/Association canadienne de production de films et de télévision (CFTPA/ACPFT) - CFTPA / ACPFT
Copyright Collective of Canada (CCC)
Educational Media Producers and Distributors Association of Canada (EMPDAC) – Contact John Fisher 
Chantal Carbonneau
President & Director
Carol Cooper
Vice President
Eric Birnberg
Secretary & Director
Grant Buchanan
Brigitte Doucet
John Fisher
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